Ceramics Monthly September 2016

Colour chemistry

My latest article, in Ceramics Monthly September 2016, explains the science behind colour. I am really interested in why things are coloured. When white light falls on certain objects, they absorb some colours of light and what we see are the remaining colours of light reflected from the object. Some objects, like trees and grass, […]

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Porcelain bottle collection


Recently I have noticed a beautiful pink-grey-mustard colour combination in art, prints, textiles and interior design.   I have made a collection of porcelain bottles with the same colour combination. The bottle shapes are inspired by the still life paintings of Giorgio Morandi. The glazes are all made from raw materials in my studio. The […]

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Clay structure

Clay is an amazing material. You can shape it and it holds its form, then you can fire it and it turns into stone. Under the microscope, clay is made up of tiny stacked hexagonal crystals, which are able to slide over each other when lubricated by water. The kaolinite image below is reproduced from […]

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periodic table 2

Chemistry for potters

I often receive emails asking about glaze problems. It seems that students on ceramics degree courses are not taught very much about science or understanding the materials, but concentrate more on learning about art and design ideas and philosophy. In Chemistry at school, I loved the periodic table. It neatly groups the elements so that each […]

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Barium matt glazes

Matt glazes

I have recently finished teaching my glaze courses at West Dean and Morley College. Several students were interested in barium matt glazes. As barium carbonate is a toxic material, many colleges have changed to using strontium carbonate. While strontium carbonate is not toxic, it still may contain a small amount of barium carbonate, so care […]

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insta 1 linda

Studio drawings

Last week artist Sophie Glover came to my studio. She is making a large series of drawings of people working in their studios. She is really good at telling a story, showing multiple stages in the making process and picking out interesting details. I love the illustration of the wedging process and the wobbly bowl being thrown […]

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SBS winner Linda Bloomfield with Theo Paphitis

Small Business Sunday

On Friday I went by train to Birmingham for my third visit to the annual get together of Small Business Sunday winners. Every Sunday evening, Theo Paphitis of Dragon’s Den, shopkeeper, entrepreneur and owner of Ryman and Robert Dyas, chooses six small businesses from those who Tweet to him about their business on Twitter. Every […]

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Ceramic bottles inspired by Morandi

Maison et Objet Paris 2016

I have been exhibiting in Paris at Maison et Objet with the British European Design Group. I took a selection of my Morandi inspired bottles and vases as well as my handmade tableware range. The new collection was very well received by the press and buyers, particularly French and Swiss. Unfortunately, after the recent terrorist […]

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Kate Malone and Keith Brymer Jones

The Great Pottery Throw Down

I have really been looking looking forward to this series. The producers had phoned me to ask questions about how long it takes to make, glaze and fire a pot, so I was pleased when they asked me to send some of my pots to feature on the show. I was not disappointed; my nesting bowls […]

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