I have written several books on ceramics. These cover glazes and their development, and pottery and tableware design. I also write for Ceramic Review, Crafts Magazine, Ceramics Monthly, and other publications, and have a regular column in ClayCraft Magazine. 

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Linda Bloomfield’s books on ceramics

My most recent book ‘Design and Create Contemporary Tableware’ is a collaboration with well-known designer Sue Pryke and comes from my passion for good tableware design and my belief that the tableware we use every day should be a pleasure to use. It covers the design considerations which go into creating good tableware, and the throwing, hand-building and slip-casting techniques used to create tableware. My books on glazes and glaze development such as Colour in Glazes and Special Effect Glazes are where I explain how glazes work and how, with an understanding of what each material in the glaze does, the potter can achieve exactly the effects desired and can know how to correct glaze faults. Special Effect Glazes explains how to achieve ‘special effects’ like lava, crawl, crackle, etc., and how to control these. The Handbook of Glaze Recipes is a book of tested glaze recipes, mostly for high-fire stoneware or porcelain in oxidation. Science for Potters covers aspects of chemistry, geology and other areas of science relevant to the practising potter. There is overlap between my books on glazes and my courses, but of course the books cover the material in greater detail and are useful as reference.

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