Ceramic art

Lichen-glazed porcelain sculptural form

Installation for Collect Open 2020

Linda Bloomfield specialises in ceramic glazes and thrown porcelain. Her ceramic art installation for Collect Open 2020 was a series of organic forms based on stromatolites and granite boulders.

Lichen-glazed porcelain sculptural form (detail)

The work brings attention to the effect of climate change and pollution on lichens, which are indicators of clean air. They are sensitive to pollutants including sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and ozone. Air pollution causes a gradual decrease in the diversity of lichens.

The glazes used on these pieces evoke different types of lichen and were developed for this project by Linda.

Lichen-glazed porcelain ceramic art sculptural forms

She uses crawl glazes in ochre, viridian green and chalk white to represent the lichens.  At first the lichen effect glazes cover the forms abundantly, then gradually decrease until the forms are dark and barren.

Sculptural forms at Ceramic Art London

On Air exhibition at Ceramic Art London 2022

On Air was an exhibition about air pollution at Ceramic Art London at Central Saint Martins. It was curated by Iris de Kievith and Annemarie Piscaer of Smogware.org and sculptor Jo Pearl and included the work of five ceramic artists whose work is concerned with air pollution.

Ceramic art lichen-glazed sculptural forms made by Linda Bloomfield at Guldagergaaard International Ceramic Research Centre

Wood fired series from my residency in Denmark 2022

A series of wood fired stoneware and porcelain forms I made during my residency at Guldagergaaard International Ceramic Research Centre inspired by the lichens on rocks and trees around the studio. My residency was supported by a grant from the Making Waves Trust.

Ceramic art lichen-glazed sculptural forms made by Linda Bloomfield at Pathways Art Trail

Pathways Art Trail June 2023

A sculpture trail in Hook Green Wood, near Lamberhurst, Kent curated by ceramic artists Jemma Gowland and Jane Sarre. Grey Lichen Forms showing the effect of air pollution on lichens. Photo Alex Brattell.

StoneLaneSculpture by LindBloomfield

Stone Lane Sculpture June-October 2023

‘Sense of Place’ sculpture exhibition in Stone Lane Gardens on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon. I exhibited my Green Lichen Forms series about lichens and air pollution.