Manufactured tableware

I have designed several ranges of tableware that are manufactured, a bone china teapot made in in Stoke-on-Trent, stoneware cups and saucers made in Surrey and a range of porcelain plates, bowls and mugs made in China.

6 thoughts on “Manufactured tableware

  1. Hello,
    Where in Germany can I purchase your beautiful porcelain ware (either manufactured or handmade)?
    Greetings from Berlin,

    1. Hello Martina,
      Wayfair are an online shop in Germany that stock my manufactured ware. My other stockist in Berlin is Das Goodshaus but they may not have many pieces left. I also have a stockist in Switzerland, Pure Wellbeing. Linda

      1. Hi Linda,
        I could not find your products on Wayfair and they do not list you under “brands”. And the Swiss shop is in french, which I do not speak sufficiently…
        Das Goodshaus does not seem to have any of your products either.
        Any other shop/website?

        1. You can also buy my tableware from

          1. Thank you. However, I prefer to buy within Germany as I fear the hefty Brexit charges for duty… Is there no other shop in Germany that sells your products? I am very surprised that the KaDeWe does not carry them!

          2. I believe has pre-paid duty so you don’t need to pay on receipt.

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