Science for Potters


A guide to understanding the basics of chemistry and geology of clays, glazes and the materials used in ceramics.

By Linda Bloomfield

American Ceramics Society 2017, paperback, 148 pages

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Science for Potters covers those aspects of science that are useful to potters and that help to give a deeper understanding of ceramic materials and processes. By gaining a deeper understanding of materials, their structure, composition, origins, and how they interact, potters can have greater control over and new insights into their craft.
You’ll learn about:
-the basics of chemistry in clear and simple terms
-how the chemistry and structure of clay bodies affects their working properties
-what makes a stable glaze
-how materials interact in a glaze
-glaze faults and how to correct them
-substitutions for glaze materials that are no longer available
-the glaze unity molecular formula and why it’s so important


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