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Glaze articles in ClayCraft Magazine

borax frit, glaze material

I have been writing a regular glaze  article every month for ClayCraft magazine, a new pottery magazine available from WHSmith. ClayCraft magazine includes pottery tips, projects to make by Kevin Millward and technical articles by Alan Ault of Valentine Clays, as well as a diary entry every month from Doug Fitch, who makes traditional wood-fired slipware pottery with his wife Hannah McAndrew.

In my articles so far, I have covered making a base glaze, adding colouring oxides, test tiles, applying glazes, ash glazes, special effect glazes, setting up a studio and how to correct crazing. In the next issue, my article will be on barium and strontium matt glazes with recipes for strontium turquoise and nickel pink.

You can read my glaze article from Issue 4 here:

Ohaus triple beam balance scales in pottery studio