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New Morandi tableware

I have have been working on a new tableware range to complement the Morandi inspired bottles. So far, I have made mugs, teapots, plates and bowls. I experimented with overlapping glazes but I think a crisp finish looks better. I need to do more work on the plates and bowls but the mugs and teapots came out quite well. I am getting quite a few orders for the Morandi inspired bottles, and they seem to appeal to men as well, which is good, as most of the customers for my existing  coloured porcelain tableware range are women.

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2 thoughts on “New Morandi tableware

  1. Hello Linda,
    I’ve recently returned from a visit to UK from Australia. I first saw your work in a beautiful shop, Closet & Botts in Lewes. I remembered seeing a similar vessel in a Sarah Spackman still life painting when I was in Oxford. Was it one of yours? I love your work; and particularly like the way you’re making Morandi clusters. Do you know the work of Gwyn Hanssen Pigott? She was an Australian ceramic artist who made these amazing bottles and functional vessels and displayed them in a cluster. Truly amazing.
    I somewhat regret not purchasing one of your pieces; but maybe one day…..
    I love the internet for the connections we can make and I will watch with interest at your creative career.
    many thanks

    1. Hello Jan,
      Thank you for your kind comments.
      Sarah Spackman does paint my pots. Her studio is full of all kinds of pots and she has a few of mine.
      I love the work of Gwyn Hanssen Pigott. I think she was the one of the first potters to make still life compositions.

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