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Residency at Guldagergaard

I am a week into my month long residency at Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Centre in Skaelskor, Denmark. There are several artists in residence here and new potters coming every week to attend workshops and wood firings.


I have been trying out a variety of grogged and flecked stoneware clays and making test pieces to fire next week in a wood kiln. I am using an Australian Venco wheel with a wireless Bluetooth pedal. The studio space is very well equipped with a glaze room, drying cupboard, mould making and slipcasting rooms as well as electric kilns.

Glaze room

I have also taught a special effect glazes workshop where we made a range of lichen, lava, oilspot, crackle, gloop and metallic glazes.

Lichen effect glazes

Thank you to the Making Waves Trust for providing me with a grant.