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Celebrating ten years of cosy collaboration

It has been ten years since my first collaboration with Ruth Cross, who designed cosies to fit my porcelain mugs and teapots back in 2006. Since then, we have sold hundreds of cosy mugs and cosy teapots, featured in the press and been copied widely. Our cosy tea sets have sold in London, New York and Tokyo,

Since the Great Pottery Throw Down aired on BBC2, pottery and knitting have become the latest trend, although we dislike the homespun, not-just-for-grandmothers angle on crafts taken by many journalists and presenters such as Kirstie Allsopp.

Homes and Gardens 2006
Homes and Gardens 2006
Cosy tea set in Livingetc 2007


Ruth has since written a book The Knitted Home and, as well as knitting, also turns her hand to making bespoke shoes with her husband Adam Law. If you feel inspired to knit a mug cosy, the pattern is now available online.