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Glaze workshop dates 2023

Lava glaze test tiles

Do you want to learn how to make your own glazes and understand what each material does in a glaze?

Lava glaze test tiles
Volcanic glaze test tiles

I will be teaching a number of glaze workshops in 2023. We will be making glaze tests in your chosen base glaze: glossy, matt, crystalline or crater, adding colouring oxides and discussing the fired results as well as learning what each material does in the glaze and how to adjust the glaze and correct defects.

21-22 January The Clay Garden Hammersmith

4-5 February Forest Row School of Ceramics East Sussex

18-19 February The Clay Garden Hammersmith

10-12 March La Mine Atelier Paris

24-25 April Studio Pottery London Victoria, London

5-7 and 12-14 May Cowork Art Centre Malaga, Spain

25-26 May Cultivator Cornwall, Camborne Contemporary Crafts hub, Cornwall

24-25 June RAMP Ceramics Silverton, Devon

12-13 August London Potters Cernamic Studios, Stoke Newington

16-17 September Nottingham Ceramics School Nottingham

9-10 October Atelier Luciana Cravo Lisbon, Portugal

11-12 October Ceramista Shop Oeiras, Portugal

Suitable for beginners, professional potters and ceramic artists. Contact the studios to book a place.